Attract a New Audience

VoucherMoney is the perfect alternative to common online payment methods with the added benefit of complete privacy and confidentiality when purchasing. So many of us have gone through the hassle of having to cancel, change and even chargeback unwanted transactions on our credit cards, so much information is traded online, it has become more and more challenging for customers to purchase in trust!

How can I recover Customer Trust in Payments?

Simply offer them the opportunity to pay with VoucherMoney. It is easy to use and obtain, because it is exactly the same as accepting live cash in hand. The voucher is prepaid so there is no chargeback risk, no wrong identity risks, and no payment risk. Your clients won’t need to enter sensitive information and your website will not need elaborate schemes to get paid for services and goods.

1 – Contact us and apply to be a Merchant

2 – Receive access to a unique merchant account to track activity

3 – Start receiving payments with VoucherMoney on your Site

No Hidden Costs

Costs for VoucherMoney are charged directly to the client and only slightly related to actual transactions.

Access New Markets

Some markets are just too complex with online payments. Gain new clients by simplifying their purchases!

Simple Integration

Integrating VoucherMoney into your website is simple with many resources available to get you up and selling quickly.

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