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Why does VoucherMoney use cookies?

Cookies help us track how visitors use our website. This allows us to tailor our website to the interests and needs of our customers as well as provide you with an improved user experience when you visit our website. For example, the cookies we use make it possible to remember users’ preferences, such as the language setting, when you navigate the pages of our website. Cookies also help protect our system and ensure that your details are secure when you use our services.

We use the following types of cookies:

  • Required cookies – this category includes cookies which are necessary for the operation of our website. These include cookies such as to identify you when you pay with VoucherMoney or log in to your VoucherMoney account. They allow you to move freely through our website and use our services as you wish. These cookies are activated when you visit our website and remain active for the duration of your visit.
  • Compliance cookies – these cookies are required for us to be able to meet legal compliance regulations – such as in regard to money laundering and fraud prevention – as well as to prevent your account from being misused by others. These cookies are activated when you visit our website and remain active for the duration of your visit.
  • Performance cookies – these cookies assist in the operation of our website and help us provide you with a better service. They record details such as which pages you frequently visit or when you encounter an error message.
  • Functionality cookies – this category includes all the cookies which allow us to provide you with an even more personalized service, and which record changes to the settings of our website which you have previously made, such as the region you are visiting the website from or your language preference.
  • Third-party cookies – when you visit a web page within our website which has embedded third-party content, such as from YouTube or Twitter, it is possible that they will place cookies on your device. We have absolutely no control over these cookies. If you would like to find out more about the types of cookies which may be downloaded as a result, please visit the website of the third-party provider to do so.
  • Third-party cookies for collecting information – these cookies, such as from Facebook or Google, collect information on the pages you visit within our website. The information collected helps us understand our customers better. It also allows us to serve advertizing directed at specific target groups.

*You can find further information on Google’s help pages and in its privacy policy:

Can I rescind my agreement to the use of cookies?

If you wish to rescind your agreement to our use of cookies, please delete the cookies via your browser settings. You can find further information on deleting and blocking cookies here (English):

How do I delete or block cookies?

You can block cookies in the settings of your browser by only allowing certain cookies or no cookies at all to be used. However, if you decide to disallow all cookies, it may result in no longer being able to access parts or even the whole of our website. If you do not change the settings of your browser to disallow all cookies, cookies will be used by our system when you visit our website.

Information on cookies

  • You can find plenty of helpful information on cookies here: .
  • Internet Advertising Bureau
  • The association for the promotion of online advertising has released a guide to online behavioral advertising available at:
  • International Chamber of Commerce, Great Britain
  • Information on the Cookie Guide released by the ICC (UK) can be found at (English):
  • Please note: We reserve the right to change this policy at any time by releasing an updated version on our website. The revised version becomes effective at its time of publication. Furthermore, extensive changes are announced 30 days in advance in the form of a notice on the policy page of our website.


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